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Best Dictionary for English Speakers Learning Hebrew [Jun. 8th, 2013|08:21 pm]


I am wondering which dictionary is best for native English speakers learning Hebrew. On first glance, the Oxford dictionary looks best, but I am not an expert in this regard.

Must-have things include nikedot (vowel points) and ideally roots for words, especially verbs. I don't like transliteration, and a larger, but not huge, font, would be best.

Finally, I'm looking for Hebrew translations of English books such as שומרת אחותי (My Sister's Keeper) and the like.

Thanks and have a good week. Stay safe, everyone.
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So Sorry [Jul. 23rd, 2012|07:52 am]

Thank you to those of you who let me know about the spam! I have deleted those entries and marked them as spam.
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(no subject) [Apr. 21st, 2012|01:16 pm]


I'm looking for the hebrew translation for this:

“Hope is not the conviction that something will turn
out well but the certainty that something makes sense,
regardless of how it turns out”

Thank you very much.


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מכתב התקשרות [Mar. 1st, 2012|03:17 pm]

[Current Location |United States, Florida, Port Saint Lucie]

Can anyone give me the english equivalent of "מכתב התקשרות"?

תודה רבה
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Learning Hebrew for begginers [Jan. 14th, 2012|10:18 pm]

Good afternoon. I'm an Israeli and I started to teach Hebrew for Ola hadasha from USA. Can somebody recommend me sites with materilas to teaching Hebrew for begginners? Thank you in advance.
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Just for laughs... [Dec. 24th, 2011|09:45 pm]

Shopping list
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Fitter? [Dec. 20th, 2011|09:44 am]

Is it true that English has no translation for "מסגר" (the person who works with metal stuff)?
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Irregular verbs [Apr. 5th, 2011|03:51 pm]

I am starting to learn the different binyanim and have come across several verbs that just don't seem to fit. So far, for many of these there are set rules as to how they should conjugate. One verb that I came across however stands out - להשתמש. http://www.hebrew-verbs.co.il/ says that the verb's route is ש מ ש and התפעל. But why is the root split up? Are there any other verbs like this and/or is there a rule as to why this would happen?
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(no subject) [Apr. 3rd, 2011|01:33 am]

ani jura be-moskvah ve ani lomed ha-safa. tedaber iti mishehu bevakasha.
ani yachol likro ve lichtov ... gam ledaber.
did not even intended to correct myself since i posted from a phone. sorry
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New Online: Learn Hebrew Phrases with Audio [Mar. 28th, 2011|08:01 pm]

Hi Everyone!

Yesterday, I launched a new website called:
Learn Hebrew Phrases with Audio

Learn Hebrew Phrases with Audio is a free, on-line, educational
resource to learn Hebrew phrases and sentences.
The flash site incorporates 54 topics with 2,000 Hebrew phrases
and sentences. The Hebrew phrases are presented as images
with nikud [vowels]. There are English translations and
transliterations. The high quality audio was created in a
sound studio. The site includes 152 Hebrew study sheets
for learning offline.

Both the student and the teacher will find the site easy to use
and very educational. As mentioned, the site is free to all.

Feedback is welcome.

Please forward this message to anyone that may be interested
in learning Hebrew. There are social media buttons on the site
to share the site with friends. Please share. Thanks!

Have a good day,

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