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This community is intended to be a central location and resource for people with an interest in the Hebrew language in any of its forms, from Biblical to Modern.

Anyone with any interest in the language at all is welcome to post comments and questions. If you'd like to post a Hebrew lesson, feel free. In fact, we encourage it. We highly encourage native and fluent speakers of Hebrew to join and share their knowledge.

Please do not post entire homework assignments. If you have a specific question about your homework that you would like answered, you may ask, but this community is not here to do your work for you.

You may post in Hebrew or English, at your discretion. Remember that the main purpose of the community is to learn or practice Hebrew, so if you post in Hebrew, please be prepared to translate your post to English upon request.

When you join, feel free to post an introductory post to give us an idea of your Hebrew background and your interest in the language.

I will try to archive useful posts in the memories section, so if you have a specific question about a vocabulary or grammar point, you can try looking there for answers.

How to Type in Hebrew on your Computer
Check the memories for posts describing how to set up your computer so you can type in Hebrew.

Things that will not be tolerated:
  • trolling
  • spamming
  • flaming
  • antisemitism

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